The Waste Land 

The waste land covers nearly half of the land in the world, there are few water holes and even fewer plants. The vegetation that does survive, is a cross between a cactus and a fly trap, far tougher than the fly try we have today. The natives call the plant 'Kuromi' meaning 'poisoned death'. The plant is able to store water like a cactus, but to keep other animals from taking it, the plant poisons the water with a toxin that would make the throat so swollen; death would come quickly. The flesh of the plant is poisonous as well, only the Hatchurui People can use this plant.
The Sutwaeji and the Hatchurui are the only people who can live in the area, they have a higher resistance to radiation and heat than the other two races do. It suits the Hatchurui well because they cannot tolerate the cold.
The air is always either very dry or very humid, sand storms are common and its very easy to be burned by the sun. The predators here only hunt at night when its cooler.
The Waste land is located near the equator, then it climbs up and down, covering nearly half the planet. The races that live there usually survive off of bugs or other predators, some may be able to grow or raise food, but commonly they make a living off of trading, as nothing can easily live there.
Most of the mountains have been whipped off the planet due to the nuclear war, now all that remains is the rubble and canyons left behind, in the Waste Land, its not unheard of to see the blood of the earth run along the sides of what's left of mountains.


There is no sand, its all cracked, dry dirt with the occasional large rock. Once a year it will rain, beside that time, there is no water, the plants are only shrubs and cactus, as well as the occasional poisonous plant. Digging into the ground, you can find bugs and rodents hiding from the harsh sun.

Dry Forests

The trees are covered in a loose bark, many are dead, of the few that remain, they are tough and prickly, when cut or split, they release a toxic acid that aerates and burns its attackers. They are trees related to the pine, so they don't need to shed their leafs, and so they don't loose what little water they have.

Arid Towns

The races that live here barely survive, they are tough and hardy, always put up a fight, those that don't get killed. They survive off of bugs and rodents, and the occasional large predator that messes with the wrong person. Lucky for them, because The Waste Land wraps around the middle of the earth, its the largest trading rout.

The Frozen Land

The difference between the north and the south is drastic, the middle is an arid desert, the north and south is the frozen land. It never warms up so the creatures that live there must have  Thick warm coats so they don't freeze to death. Here its common to find dead bodied of travelers who have frozen to death, the bodies are still there because the predators around cant track through the cold. That or they happened to find a different frozen corps to munch on. The Ptitsa people live in this environment fairly well, their feathers give them come nice insolation, then the feathers they shed can be woven into blankets.
The air is always dry and the ice never melts, the only way the people there get water is by melting the ice themselves.
Its not uncommon to find frozen roots and tubers under the snow and ice, preserved perfectly, but unable to grow a thing.
In this land, birds of prey are an issue, soaring high in the sky closer to the sun, they stay warm, then can dive down to pick off any earth dweller they chose; but its not unusual to see one nest on the cliff side.
The mountains that once soared high are now leveled, exposing the inner layers of the earth, many of the humanoids choose to make their camps or towns near this heat source, an easy way to cook, create water and just stay warm.

Frozen Tundra

This would be a good place to hunt for tubers and roots, this would also be a good place to get snatched up be a giant bird of prey. Its not unusual to see a large predator casually walking along the snowy land a mile away, Lewaji love this area, because they are omnivores, they enjoy digging up tubers and roots in this area.

Cold Forest

This is prime hunting territory  for the biggest predators, entering this forest unarmed would be a mistake, with all the darks and lights, its even hard for the monstrous Neather Beast to stick out. The trees are frozen solid, their limbs heavy with snow, yet they thrive in the snowy realm, their roots continue to grow and break up the soil, soaking in any nutrients they can.

Iced Towns

Commonly found closer to open volcanos with lava running along the earth surface, they thrive fairly well, everything is covered in ice and snow, so its not unusual for body parts to be removed. Even with that, more resources come from the The Frozen land than the Waste Land.


This is just a thin strip of land, only about 10 miles wide, connecting The Waste Land and The Frozen land, the temperature and land is considered perfect in every way, animals and plants flourish, and water is plentiful. Every race wants this land, but the other three are no match for the Qurrad.