Welcome to NuclearLynx, if your here it must be because your interested in the creatures and people that inhabit my nuclear world. On this site you can find out about all the sub-human species, the terrain the creatures live in, the plots as well as the creatures that now live within the world.
Please Enjoy!

A Quick Vocab List

Hachurui- Japanese for reptile
Jalaoda- riding hippo
Krokonell- long-legged crocodile
Kuromi- Cactus/Flytrap Hybrid, very toxic
Laidchien- monster dog
Lewaji- Predatory Pig/Bear
Neather Beast- The apex predator
Ptitsa- Russian for Bird
Qurrad- Ape/Monkey in Arabic
Sutwaeji- Korean for Boar
Zverorel- Monster Bird